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Why is it that the voice in our minds is like the enchanting music of a siren that lures us back over and over again?

We know deep down that it is stale, empty, and that it only leads us into circles of suffering and confusion.

Yet we find ourselves spellbound by its whispering over and over again.

I could never know the real reason why, but I have a guess.

The mind with its judgments and criticisms, its identified problems and confident sounding solutions…

It creates an illusion of control — as if the ”I” in my head knows how the world should be and could solve my and other people’s problems if only it thinks enough.

The world of the mind is a very familiar and repetitive world.

We know the arguments and the judgments and the explanations because they were handed down to us, and our minds have simply repeated them like the reliable machines that they are.

The world in this moment - the only world that truly exists - is completely out of our control. Without the droning of the controlling mind, we feel exposed, naked, maybe even overwhelmed by unexplainable and unstoppable flow of life.

The mind with all of its familiar repetition feels so safe — for the mind.

But what is real safety?

Real safety is realizing that the body that you live in is being moved not by the fickle, limited, and robotic mind, but by the same intelligence that turns the earth on its axis.

Even more than that, safety is realizing that you are not the body at all, but the life that lives in it and in everyone and everything else.



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