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Waste or Wonder?

In recent years

I've started to catch on

To some of my psychology's tricks

And one of its favorites

Is hiding behind compelling stories or narratives

Let's talk about one of them:

"Concern for the planet and nature at large"

In recent years

I've noticed my mind continuously talking about environmental concerns

And because many of my regular behaviors supposedly have an adverse effect on the planet

My mind has endless subject matter for criticisms

"You ordered takeout??? Just look at all of these disposable containers!"

"Another plastic toy for the kids? So wasteful!"

"Your eating meat again?? Think of all those suffering animals!"

"Another chocolate bar? Remember the rampant deforestation!"

"Look at how much trash you produce! Your poor kids are going to inherit a wasteland!"

Before I know it, much of what I do and eat is synonymous with destruction

That means that my very existence is synonymous with destruction

I take up space.

The earth would be better without my presence.

There is something fundamentally wrong with who I am.

I don't have a place here.

I'm doing everything wrong.

Wait a minute! All of this is starting to sound very familiar.

It's my mind's typical commentary only disguising itself as virtuous concern.

Very clever.

It's really great to see these narratives for what they are.

You know what's even better?

Realizing that maybe it isn't true that the Universe sees my existence as a problem.

Instead, is it possible, even likely, that the Universe is in love with me?

That it sees me as a little wonder? Wow!

And from that place

There are endless possibilities for the amazing things I can do

Maybe even helping the planet.

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