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Up to this point

I haven't been the type of person that regularly comes in contact with the supernatural

But during the birth of my first child, I touched it for an instant

It is a moment that I will never forget

And I think by writing this, I am just now grasping the significance of it

Shortly before my daughter was born

There was a moment during labor when her heartbeat was dropping unexplainably

After examining a few things, my midwife looked at me, and she said, "Katherine, we really need to get this baby out.

At that moment, I felt so completely exhausted

And in my mind

There was nothing more than the thought of, "I don't think I can do this."

There was no pep talk

No encouraging words

No voice of determination and resolve

Only "I don't think I can do this."

And silence

And yet

The next contraction came

And a force that was so strong

So powerful

So beyond anything I had ever felt before

Surged through my body

Like an unstoppable irrefutable current

And my daughter was born

I got to see

My mind lay down in defeat

And my self arise

And now I know

Beyond a shadow of a doubt

That I am not my mind

I am THAT.

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