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Hallmark Mommy No-More

Do you know something that has been bastardized and minimized and monetized into oblivion?


Last week I heard someone say that every word has a universe that it carries with it

Our current cultural universe for "motherhood" includes a lot a sweet and insipid things:




Bubble baths

Hugs and kisses

Framed photographs

Cooking and Cleaning

Sweet little uplifting sayings to rise above monotony and exhaustion

What is so ironic to me is that we as a culture and as mothers ourselves have lost sight of the one quality that is universal to all mothers and painfully obvious

We are the givers of new life

The cauldrons of creation

The portals from star dust to material form

I'm sorry, but can you really get more badass than that?

Once again, we have gotten lost in layers of cultural terminology and ideals

And forgotten the magic

The magic of being alive

The magic of being a being who literally gives life

A mystical channel between apparent nothingness to inexplicable detailed somethingness

The bridge to the unimaginable world before form

That is who I am

That is who you are too

You are mysterious and complex beyond words

You are the key to life's future

You are strong and powerful beyond measure.

Don't you forget that.

Happy Mother's Day

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