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We Are Terrified of Mothers

There is so much that can be said about the human mind

It tells so many stories

Generates so many feelings

And something that it has always done is generate terror of what it cannot understand

When the mind comes across something it cannot understand, it often attempts to dumb it down and control it

I believe that latter is still happening with birth and motherhood

The process of birth and becoming a mother is one of the mosts overtly mystical and magical things that we experience in this life

It is so ordinary and yet so magical at the same time

The mother is the vortex that brings forth new life

the channel through which new beings enter the life experience

She is also the bearer of inexplicable pain so that the new life can take its first breath

And then once the new life is born, the mother is a source of mythical strength and endurance

She holds the fear that the new being that was once part of her might not survive

She endures unbelievable fatigue and exhaustion at the point in her life when she is probably most physically weak

She has the strength to set her own needs and comfort aside to an unimaginable extent for the sake of a new heartbeat

She does whatever it takes to keep the new life alive

It is a position, a responsibility, that is beyond comprehension

So what does society do with that?

They dumb it down and try to control it.

They force women to give birth while lying down and connected to IVs to make the process easy for the doctor and ironically causing the woman to need more "help" to birth the baby

They teach women that they cannot handle birth unless they are medicated to completely numb the pain, leaving the women paralyzed and out of control in a moment when they are poised to experience their greatest power

They don't understand the intense feelings that come with giving life to a new creature and so they diagnose mothers and medicate them to make them more tame and normal

They feel uncomfortable with the magic and mythical strength of motherhood and so they create a cultural narrative of the weak and sweet one who has the less important job

We are afraid of mothers

So we make them small

And then we as mothers buy into it

We believe it

And we play the part of being small

But we don't have to

We can call bullshit on the whole thing

And be the fierce supernatural force that is our birthright

Come with me on that journey

It's a much better way

I promise.

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