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Horror Films

You know, I’ve never really liked horror films

I’ve always thought that people who like them are a bit crazy

Honestly, I still do to some extent

But do you want to know the reason why I think I don’t like horror films?

It’s because my mind has an uncanny ability to make them up on its own







My mind is infinitely creative

Especially when it comes to the deepest fears of my programming

My mind could put some of the best horror script writers to shame

And do you know why?

It’s because a long time ago, there was a little girl who somehow learned that she was at risk of mental instability and that the thoughts that passed through her mind were really really really important

And so the mind whose purpose is to keep me safe has gone to work ever since

Inventing problems and then trying to solve them

Using old learned fears to threaten me back into the bounds of being small, sweet, and safe

Funny enough, the horror movie never comes to fruition - even when I break the “rules”

Maybe it’s finally time to laugh at it

Then maybe I can finally go enjoy horror films

I might even find them funny

Then I'll be the crazy lady who laughs in horror films.


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