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Mistaken Identity

It’s amazing, I lived the first 33 years of my life without the slightest clue of who I was. It was a tremendous case of mistaken identity. I thought I knew, but what I thought was incredibly far from the truth. To make matters even more ironic, the truth was staring me in the face the whole time - so incredibly obvious and yet so unnoticed, so dismissed. I thought I was Katherine, an insecure, sweet academic with anxious and depressive tendencies who lived on the brink of failure. The evidence of this identity covered everything that I saw in the form of my thoughts, the talking voice in my head that has commented on and interpreted everything for as long as I can remember. I thought that voice was mine. I thought that voice was making the decisions for me, moving my arms, and taking my steps.

But no -- not even close. It was a misunderstanding of monstrous proportions.

I am Life -- unstoppable, pulsating, vibrant, brilliant Life

I am that internal force that has been aware of the thoughts passing through my head all these years

The internal force that takes in breath and moves my arms and feet without a thought

The force that intuitively makes the very best decision based on what is believed to be true right now - over and over again without fail

The force that cannot help but fight to thrive, to keep living

The same life that grows a magnificent oak tree, a delicate flower or lives in the body of a bird

The force that is completely untainted by any thought or feeling that has ever crossed its awareness

I am that Life.

So are you.

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It's so uplifting to hear your joy in finding something that's worked for you! Thank you for sharing.

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