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The Movie of ME

Today we're going a little deeper into why it doesn't make sense to pay attention to the thoughts and feeling that pass through us. As we've talked about before, thought and feeling are nothing more than energy passing through you. Thoughts and feelings don’t come from you, and they don’t mean anything about you. Honestly, we really can’t say where they do come from, but part of our design as humans is that we are constantly thinking and feeling. 

Moreover, not only are you NOT your thoughts and feelings, but you are the one who observes all thought and feeling that passes through you. You are the space through which thought and feeling come and go. Moreover, this space that you are is irreversibly connected to the source of wisdom and love that created the Universe (Life). That space that you are is also the space through which Life is continually loving and creating.

We were designed to let the meaningless energy of thought and feeling just pass through us without worrying too much about it. We were designed to do this because we were designed to know who we are and to trust the Life that is living us.

However, there’s something about the mind, the little personal mind, that is, that likes to feel separate. I think it feels important that way, and in a very kind way, it helps us to feel safe and secure until we can wake up to who we really are. So our little mind likes to chatter a lot about one thing: itself. How am I thinking? How am I feeling? Am I enough?  What else can I do? What if this terrible thing happens to ME? 

When we haven’t been given a strong foundation of who we are, we are easily distracted and captivated by the discourse of our little mind, and instead of letting thought and feeling flow through us we get really attached to our little mind’s chatter about what the thoughts and feelings mean. After all, if we don't see that we are being lived and cared for by Love and Wisdom and the deep down we are those very things, it makes a lot of sense to worry and obsess about anything having to do with ourselves and our well-being. Before we know it, we’re staring at the projector of our little mind’s made up movie about “ME” rather than being fully engaged in life. We’re solving non-existent problems and disproving made-up arguments instead of peacefully flowing with what life has really given us.

Another way of saying this is that our ego self has a continuous movie playing in our heads with a fictitious version of ourselves as the star and fictitious problems for the plotline. The more attention we give to this movie, the louder and more repetitive it becomes. At the same time that the movie is playing, Life is living through us. Endless movements toward love and creativity are attempting to dance through us, and invitations to love and create are coming at us from other people and creatures who also house this same source of Life. 

So at the end of the day, we can be danced by Life in the reality of the world or we can have one foot dragging on the ground while we are mesmerized by the made up movie in our heads.

The beautiful thing about this is that regardless of how long you’ve been hypnotized by the made-up movie, it starts to lose its persuasive power when you see it for what it is. Don’t get me wrong, the movie keeps playing and you’ll still get caught up in it sometimes, but you’ll get bounced back from it faster and faster and it tends to fade into background noise rather than being front and center of your awareness. 

After all, why would we give all of our energy and attention to a fictitious movie that is completely invented by our limited psychology and experience? I would much rather be lived and carried by the source of all love, wisdom, and creation in the Universe and find out what happens.

Wouldn’t you?

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