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When Getting Better Goes Against Your Spirituality

You know

For a lot of people (myself included)

I think that getting better goes against our spirituality

And when I say spirituality, i mean anything from your literal religion to simply the programmed mental guidelines and chatter that run through your head (even through your subconscious)

You see, a lot of us were taught one way or another that life is about struggle

That life consists of a daily trod through the muck and mire of human weaknesses and difficulties

If you grew up in a more religious context, you might have heard a lot of talk about "sin"

How all of our faults and problems and innate badness present an ever present problem to fight against

You know what I find particularly problematic about that way of seeing things?

It's that it creates a mental framework for life where a person can only be doing it right, can only be true to their beliefs, if they are perpetually struggling with a problem

And not just any problem

Specifically there must be an ongoing struggle with the problem of themself

Their human weakness

Their psychological issues

Their sin

If you have been trained that this is the standard of excellence

Then you know what simply doesn't fit in the picture?

Getting better.

Yes change, transformation, improvement, overcoming - all of these things have no place in the struggler's handbook for daily living

Because they take away the one thing that is required to do life right:


So what ends up happening is that the very problems that we lament end up being our most prized possessions

And our daily habit of hating them, and resisting them and whining about them is like a spiritual practice

So if you haven't been able to kick a habit that you've been struggling with

It might be time to ask what purpose it is serving for you on a subconscious level

Your depression, your anxiety, your alcoholism, your over-eating, your rage, etc.

Maybe they make you feel like you are fulfilling your purpose or living the way you are supposed to on a deep level.

And then once you really see that

Maybe it's time to disregard your poor little mind that has been programmed to chase its tail in circles

Creating a problem and then desperately trying to "fix" it in the form of hatred and resistance

I don't know about you, but my mind would have me wallowing in fruitless struggle until my very last breath

But that isn't what I'm here for

And it's not what you are here for either

Maybe its time for a new spirituality

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

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