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Your Mental Illness Means You Want to Be Free

Do you know that YOU - at your very deepest truest core - want to be free?

YOU want to be free.

After reading this, you might think to yourself, "Yes! Duh! Thank you for stating the obvious!"

Let me explain myself a little bit.

I know that you want to be free not because you think or say that you are tired of your mental illness (your depression, your anxiety, your intrusive thoughts, etc.).

It's actually the opposite.

I know that you want to be free BECAUSE you deal with depression, anxiety, OCD, or intrusive thoughts.

You see, we've really fucked ourselves as a society by believing that mental illness is a disease where the mind turns against you and needs to be fixed.

That is a never-ending imaginary problem that can (and often DOES) provide a life-long project for people.

A really shitty and unfulfilling and self-centered lifelong project, I might add.

I know because it has been my lifelong project.

Not only is it a shitty use of precious time, but it's just ludicrous at the core.

Life, by definition, is always working to survive and thrive. That is the definition of life. It cannot do anything else.

Look at any animal, any plant, any bacteria, any virus.

You are no different. You, like them, are made of life.

And your thoughts, your mental space, your emotions are part of the life that you are.

It's one big picture. One big, unstoppable movement.

It's not you against your mind or you against your thoughts. It's all one occurrence of life being lived.

So if you, as life, are always attempting to survive, to thrive, to live fully, like the rest of the amoebas out there

Then your thoughts, emotions, and overall mental space are a part of that as well.

They are working toward that goal.

It cannot be any other way.

HOW? How can that be?

How can intrusive thoughts or suicidal ideation, or crippling anxiety or the thickest, darkest, deepest depression be part of an attempt to survive and thrive?

It's actually very simple.

It IS that way because YOU have been taught and then innocently believed that you are something you are not

And your mental space is trying to set you free.

If you are afraid of darkness and sadness, then depression comes to show you that you can feel those things and still be just fine (not so that you can crawl in bed and wait for a magical pill to make those feelings go away)

If you are afraid of insanity, of crazy thoughts, and of losing your mind, then crazy thoughts (intrusive thoughts) come to show you that your thoughts can take on a wild life of their own while YOU, the real YOU, is just fine (not so that you can receive a complex diagnosis and again wait for a pill to make the thoughts go away)

If you learned that you are fundamentally not safe and that you must live life in a very specific way to be ok, then anxiety comes to show you that you are wrapped up in an unnecessary saga of self-preservation and that by using your mind to try to save your life, you are actually losing it instead.

It's kind of beautiful when we look at it that way, isn't it?

Miraculous even.

YOU - every single part of YOU - is always tirelessly working to survive and thrive. There is no exception.

That makes you fucking beautiful and wondrous instead of a fucking head case.

So BE that. Be that amazing expression of life that you are. Drop the labels and the diagnosis and the fight against your mind and emotions and appreciate them instead.

They are your salvation.

They are working to set you free.

And you - ALL of you - wants to be free.

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